Past Productions

Playing with Fire
May 18 - Jul 1, 2012
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Playing with Fire | Photo credit: Jonathan Slaff
"Playing with Fire" has been nominated for the following three AUDELCO AWARDS: Outstanding Ensemble Performance, Best Revival of a Play and Best Costumes!
"… the newly christened August Strindberg Repertory Theater has sprung to life with a dapper production of that Swedish master’s obscure comedy “Playing With Fire.”

Eric Grode of the NY Times

The Stronger | Casper's Fat Tuesday
Oct 26 - Nov 25, 2012
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The Stronger | Photo credit: Jonathan Slaff
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Casper's Fat Tuesday | Photo credit: Jonathan Slaff
Mar 8 - Mar 31, 2013
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Easter | Photo credit: Jonathan Slaff
an admirable undertaking … These actors make you feel proud of small troupes dedicated to obscure plays.

-- The New York Times

Mr. Bengt's Wife
Sep 13 - Sep 29, 2013
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Mr. Bengt's Wife | Photo credit: Jonathan Slaff
To Damascus, a trilogy, Part 1
Apr 13 - May 11, 2014
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To Damascus, a trilogy, Part 1 | Photo credit: Jonathan Slaff
Miss Julie
Oct 21 - Nov 8, 2014
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Miss Julie | Photo credit: Jonathan Slaff


Mar 13 - Mar 29, 2015
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"What a treat to see this historical drama!

"Ivette Dumeng inhabits the heroine Kristina with aplomb. Dumeng undertakes this demanding role, and without overplaying it, exudes zest and intelligence. She portrays the historical figure’s confidence and misgivings alike. In short, she makes her very, very human.

"The real star of the production, however, is the controversial playwright Strindberg. His Kristina may never enjoy the laurels of Miss Julie. But it will always stand in bold relief in his canon. And attention must be paid." --

"As the free-spirited queen, Ivette Dumeng captures both the arrogance and the vulnerability of a woman who has a towering responsibility that she might not really want. Other standouts in the cast include Brent Shultz as Kristina’s passionate new lover and Amy Fulgham as her loving mother." --
Theatre is Easy

"Ivette Dumeng makes a wonderful Kristina who is attractive, intelligent and behaves like a teenager who throws a wild party when her parents leave town. Jacob Troy, as Magnus, brings a serious parental tone to the court as he watches Kristina play at monarchy. Brent Shultz’s Tott makes sense of an ambiguous character in love with an idea rather than a human being. The large cast solidly supports the play." --
Front Row Center